Top Rev Share Sites
In my constant search for new ways to make money online, I found some time ago the revenue sharing sites (also known as rev share programs or revshares on short).

Quite skeptical at first about this business model, I avoided to join any of them for some time. However, at a certain point I fell to the temptation to make some easy money without selling anything and with referring people as something optional, and Iíve joined to my first revenue sharing program.

Now, I am happy I did it, because if you find the right rev share programs, you can buy adpacks and make money with a minimum effort, clicking 10 ads once at 24 hours and repurchasing these sharing positions. The BIG money comes in once you begin to build a team.

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These programs tend to sprout-up like mushrooms lately, and if you donít know which one of them really pays, you can only waste your money. The revenue sharing sites are not investment opportunities as a lot of people tend to mistake them. All you do is purchasing advertising services and thanks to their profit sharing programs, you earn money when the revenue generated by the website is shared to the members who have active sharing positions.

Each time you purchase a sharing position, you receive advertising credits, credits that you can also use to get exposure for other programs you are in. The quality of the traffic received after purchasing these shares it is not of the best quality because it is incentivized traffic. Still, if you are a bit creative with your banners, if you use a video with auto play option on your opt-in page or if you write really catchy headlines, you can get some opt-ins or even sales with the enough amount of traffic.

Yet, if this kind of advertising will not help you to get too many sales, it is pretty good to get referrals for similar revenue sharing sites. If people are already in a revshare, it is very likely that they will also join another similar profit sharing site. So, if you use the cross promotion, you can get referrals and build multiple revshares at the same time without spending too much money.

If you purchase other forms of advertising from revenue sharing websites, you will get better results. Iíve purchased some PPC banners and I had opt-ins and a few sales for Lead Lightning. And that is very cheap traffic compared to Facebook ads, Bing traffic, or Google Adwords.

To save you from losing your time and money, Iíve done a quick list with the best revenue sharing sites of 2016. This is a personal list and Iím not saying that there arenít other good revenue sharing programs out there. My list is based on my personal experience with some of them, on payment proofs from other people and on other peopleís opinion.

Attention! The revenue sharing model is not the safest business model, the earnings are based on sales, varies, and are not guaranteed. You shouldnít treat these websites like investment opportunities or spend all your lifetime savings there.

I canít offer you any type of guarantee that youíll earn any money if you join any of the websites listed in this post or that these sites will still be here the following day. Therefore, if you join any of these websites and you lose your money, donít come back to me to ask for your money. This is just a post where I only share my experience with the listed revshares and I continuously update the content of this post.

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