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There are countless opportunities out there on the internet if you are looking to work from home (on your computer, actually, from anywhere!) - but this really IS something that you should be picky about. There more interest you have in what it is that you are offering, the better you'll be able to come across to your potential customers/teammates.

The past 15 years have been really good for network marketing in terms of how they are able to build a team in their chosen business opportunity. In fact, had it not been for the internet - I, myself, would NOT be doing mlm, network marketing or any type of sales whatsoever.

I don't know about you - because we are all different - but I would never want to call people up on the phone or go up to their house and knock on the door.. or hold meetings in hotels or restaurants to give a presentation. Nope. That just ISN'T my style. You know what IS, though? Online marketing/internet marketing/affiliate marketing.. basically anything where all I need to do is drive people (traffic) to a website and let the site do all of the explaining (work).

In the distant past it would have been hard enough to try to sell products without having the internet at our fingertips... imagine trying to build a team of other reps who are supposed to go out there and do the same thing! I'm so thankful for the opportunities that we now have to make our dreams come true and build our empires.
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